Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Yes out means out or ... what does it mean?

I like the irony of this

I'm increasingly getting bored with the 52% that voted for brexit saying just accept it stop whinging etc etc bla bla,  as if they would have remained quiet if theirs was the 48% vote.  Why should people remain quiet? They may have lost the vote by a very slim majority, not even sure it can be called a majority, but they are still allowed to have an opinion, that's why we like this democratic country.

I actually voted remain but I'm happy were out, because that's what I wanted to vote for ... so why didn't I?

I may not be academically qualified but I have a good dose of common sense and I actually did a lot of research into what Brexit was all about. I swung back and forwards many times in the lead up to the referendum. I would suggest that I did much more research than was done by some, who just cast their vote on the false promises of closed borders and 350 million a week paid back to the NHS. If you really believed the lies of Boris and (there will be bumps in the road) Gove etc then im sorry but you were mislead, as has been proven after the vote.

Actually no.... lets not be politically correct here. If you based such a momentous decision on the basis of media and politician lies without researching it just a bit, because that's all it took, then you are a class 1 fucking twat, nothing more nothing less.

Now I voted in but only by the slimmest margins and if you look back through my blogs you can see my thought processes.  I went though that because I realised it was important, important for me, my family and the Country.

So what swayed me, because believe me I wanted out of a corrupt EU.
  1. Top of my list, after doing much research I realised it would take at least 20 years to sort out the mess of Brexit. I don't really want 20 years of pain, simple as.
  2. Control of borders, we actually have more control of our borders within the EU, certainly more control than any other EU country. But we wont have that any more, once we leave. 
  3. 350 million we get back will go to the NHS .... this is such utter bollox that im not even going to bother with it and if you thought it was true then please leave my blog it will only confuse you.
  4. We need to deal with the EU and they need to deal with us, yes ..... but we had a large say in what went on, even though it was corrupt, we knew that, and we had a veto. Once we leave we throw all that away. We have nothing, no say, no veto. Yes we are masters of our own destiny, but the world is a rather large place and although we try and punch above our weight, others are catching up. Much bigger countries are catching up and the golden egg is trading with 27 countries not one.
  5. The politicians lied through their teeth and we as a country was going to expect them to negotiate Brexit and report back faithfully to the British public what deal they had got ....... Yeah right!  Again you might fool the Sun readers you aint fooling me.
The Tories never had a Brexit plan and to this date still dont. They are still putting their Brexit committee together, FACT.

The most we get out of May is Brexit means Brexit. Very good to keep quoting that when you havnt got a scooby. Its nice and simple and doesn't confuse people, yup Brexit means Brexit the Brexiters can be heard parroting, stop winging about it. Well sorry and FRO because I want it spelt out what Brexit means because it can mean many things and the Tories are happier if we are kept in the dark.

Cameron ran for the hills after categorically stating in the Commons that he would stay on regardless of the vote. He ran as soon as he knew he would have to negotiate Brexit. He ran because he knew what was coming in the negotiations, not a lot! .... he already had all he could get when he held all the cards. Now the cards are down its going to get very tough.

May is playing the political game of trying to pretend to be very clever and not disclose her hand. A hand they supposedly hold but dont even know what cards it consists of. Luckily Corbyn has seen through this and called her out on it today. I did love the Baldrick comment. "Cunning plan of not having a plan"  but unfortunately true.

A lot of people are jumping to their defence on this and agreeing that they cant give a running commentary ..... er... excuse me running commentary? We have nothing, zero, ziltch, fcuk all... to be crude.

They are basically screwed either way. Remember the vote was close 52% - 48%  its almost certain at least half of the 52% wont be pleased with the result of the negotiations, that means  that around 74% are gonna be pissed off with what they manage to negotiate. Im happy to be out but if any of you think we hold the cards in this negotiation your living in dream land.

There are so many facets to Brexit and they think its OK for it to be totally secret.  That's a very good ploy when you know damm well your going to be shafted. If no one knows what you were trying to get, you can claim to have achieved it and the good old sheep in the British public will be applauding loudly.  If no one knows what the Tories think Brexit means, then again, they can say Oh no it never meant that, where did you get that from.

Hmmm sorry you aint fooling me. We don't need to know all the details but we do need the basic principles of what we think Brexit means debated in parliament, that's what its there for, we live in a democracy, not a dictatorship or it was last time I looked.

And I want it written down in Blood!

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