Sunday, 16 April 2017

What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

Ok so every Easter we get the same articles that provide no better information than has been trolled out before.

What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

Lol this is written by a biblical scholar who has a vested interest in a Biblical Jesus being real. However none of what is written in this article proves the existence of a biblical Jesus and by that I mean the one that performed miracles. All the accounts in the bible are written by Disciples of the original, alleged disciples and many years after the death of the alleged Jesus. One is approx 400years after and one is a copy of another. So at best, in a court of law these accounts would be described as hearsay, as they are not 1st hand. This type of article kind of annoys me because they bring nothing new to the table and its almost as if someone is trying to convince themselves that what they are writing is correct.

There were indeed many scholars writing at the time Jesus is supposed to have lived. But Isn't it strange that after all those miracles Jesus suposedly performed all we have to rely on is a couple of scant mentions outside of the bible. You would have thought it would have been all over the front page of the Roman Times, the Aramesh Echo would be broadcasting it loud and clear. But no, absolutely none, not one mention, anywhere, of a Biblical Jesus Miracle. 

He's right to compare Jesus to King Arthur though, there's about as much evidence for both. There probably was a King Arthur just as there was a Jesus (think there's evidence for about 12 people called Jesus living at the same time) However King Arthur's tales have been blown out of proportion through the mists of time. Just as Jesus's, but the Church needed a figurehead to control the masses so that's what they perpetuated in the Bible. This is why there's no proof elsewhere.

The problem for religious scholars is they have to perpetuate the Jesus myth to perpetuate God. Jesus being the Son of God, if you have no son of god, and Jesus was just a bloke who pulled up a soapbox on speakers corner and got a bit popular, it kinda starts looking dodgy for the existence of God :-)

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