Sunday, 24 July 2016

Theresa May 1st PM Question time

Have you seen the facial expressions she pulls, looks like a psychopath

1. She claimed in a very belitteling tone that Austerity means Living within our means ... We have had 6 years of the Tories Living within their means. UK national debt has risen from 800billion to 1,700 billion, nothing more needs saying on that.

2. She totally avoided the question regarding Johnson's remarks 

3. To make a cheap joke about unscrupulous employers to Corbyn she totally misled the general public. "A boss that exploits the rules to further their own career" There has been no exploitation of the rules, the rules are very clear. So clear that even a dummy can understand them.

4. Its easy to look slick (which in my opinion she didn't, she did ok) when you have a baying mob behind you and the speaker doesn't step in to stop them. 

I was hoping that with a new Tory PM we might get a change. I can see from todays evidence its the same crap in a different wrapper.

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