Sunday, 3 July 2016

Imagine a PM that cant be bought

In a recent discussion someone proposed the following thought on the Labour party situation;
"I suspect that the problem is that it is difficult to run the country and have extreme views either to the left or the right; it is possible that the Parliamentary Labour Party does not want a strongly leftist leader come the next election."
Its an interesting point and it got me thinking. By the time id written my thoughts in reply I had written a blog post, so its been converted to one.

The statement is probably true but that doesn't explain Cameron and co who are probably as far right as Thatcher was and who as we know, was deemed un-electable by her own party prior to 1979.

Why do the public vote for the rich getting richer. Is it some form of vague hope ... "That could be me one day", bit like buying a lottery ticket. 

Corbyn isn't the best leader, YET. I say yet because he hasn't been allowed to grow into the job. He was attacked from both sides from day one. We have to remember that he was elevated from back bench to leader, having never been near the front bench. It was always going to be a learning curve of at least 2 or 3 years and anyone who thinks he was going to be a brilliant leader in less times is looking for a robot. 

I don't agree with all his policies either, but then when do you find a party leader where you agree with everything. He is however the most principled and honest politician Ive come across.

Its actually a sad state of affairs when someone who proposes a valid anti austerity policy, building houses, renationalising important infrastructure so that the profits come to the country rather than share holders, proposes more honest politics (something thousands bought into and voted for him for), Is seen as far left.
He also promotes inclusion of views, having said many times that 1 person cant know everything. Hes only far left because the media portray him as such to throw everything at making him unpopular.

But why is everyone, the media, the Tories even his own party so afraid that he'll get into power?

After Brexit, Labour had the best opportunity to move streets ahead of the Tories in popularity, instead they, the PLP, decided to help the Tories and destroy the Labour party. I've been thinking about this and you could come up with many different scenarios. The only one that makes sense to me is that he's actually more principled than even I thought and he cant be bought.

Imaging a PM that couldn't be swayed by the powerful string pullers. That's what I think is going on here. The PLP are not stupid they are all career politicians. Its incredulous to think that they could make such a hash of a coup attempt and if I'm wrong then we really don't want them as politicians.

No i feel that someone or a group were pulling the PLP's stings. That entity was so arrogant that they thought Corbyn couldn't possibly be as principled as he is and that he would bow to the pressure of the few and disregard the masses.

They seriously misinterpreted the person and Corbyn's last play to offer an olive branch out to all those that resigned is sheer brilliance. In one move he has nullified their continuing calls for him to step down and increased his standing with the membership, who will surely vote him back in as leader should any challenger come forward.

This now goes beyond the person and is a fight for democracy.

The Labour party members do not want a dictatorship.

Additional note added after blog posted
Is there something more wide ranging about to come out in the Chilcot report that noone is aware of apart from the few? Maybe others from the PLP are implicated in wrong doing?

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