Thursday, 23 June 2016

We didn't fight two wars to hand the country over now.

People say its was better in the old days, vote to get our country back, but was it?

They say our fathers and grandfather fought for this country dont give it away now!

The problem is, how far do you want to go back, should we go back to the Victorian era when Britain's empire was the envy of the world?
When you either had money or didn't? When there was no NHS and if people couldn't afford to be treated they were left to die?
Back to when when we were tying Indian's to the front of cannons and firing cannon balls through them? 
Its great to think how great things were in the past, but were they really?
I know things are better now than in my childhood and I know they are better than when my great granddad lived in a little tiny 2 bedroom house in Norfolk with 8 kids working as a laborer in the fields. 

Going backwards doesn't make things better.

The people that will be in charge if Brexit happens, Johnson, IDS, Gove, they are throwbacks to the Victorian era they have absolutely no interest in you or me. They will destroy the NHS faster than even Cameron and Osbourne are and then you'll either need insurance or be left to die, like in the US or in so much debt that you lose your house .... full circle bam back to the Victorian era. But it was good then wasn't it? We had an Empire didn't we? Well some did, those rich enough to appreciate it the rest just survived.

With regard to, "we didnt fight two wars to hand the contry over now" well .... I appreciate peoples sentiment, I really do, I've been there. 
Thatcher got another term in government because of war fever, its powerful stuff. 
My Dad went ashore D Day 6, my uncle landed the guys on the beaches and collected dead bodies out of the sea, my uncle charlie died and another is in a grave in Tripoli. Now im not going to say how any of those would have voted but don't forget we didn't win it on our own. 
Without the polish airmen and others in the Battle of Britain we could have so easily lost and be speaking German now, well I wouldn't be here anyway. 

The list of countries who's airman stood with us in the Battle of Britain (Im just talking RAF here many others served in the land forces) reads: Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Poland, Ireland, and Australia, Barbados, Canada, Jamaica, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, United States. Back then if we had said, nope stiff upper lip, we British will go it alone. 

There is no doubt we would have failed, together we were stronger.

I've researched this for weeks and believe me I wanted to vote out when I started, but where is Johnson, Gove and IDS plan of action if they win?
They have nothing or if they have they havnt told anyone... Why? 
If they had a reasonable plan they could convert me, but no they have nothing apart from tugging on peoples emotional stings and harping on about we did alright before... it was better when we were in charge .... There might be bumps in the road Gove said, Bumps in the road? Note he's said if he doesn't get his way he's off, real staying power he's got. Just as well we had Churchill rather than Gove.  He'd have been off at the 1st setback in the war.

They, Brexit, havnt got a clue and the reason I know that is fact is because no one knows what will happen because its never been done. It might be good it might be bad but the odds are that the EU will make it bad. They cant afford for us to leave and be successful, simple as.

I've not seen anyone post a reasoned, thought out rational opinion on leaving the EU with a strategy on what they will do to renegotiate trade links? 
What they will do when they restructure all the laws? 
What they will do about immigration and migration?
What they will do about all the EU workers that are working here, not taking 'British' peoples jobs, but doing jobs that British people wont do? 
What they will do about all the businesses that will close because British workers wont do it because its hard, farm laboring like my great granddad did? 
What they will do about all the mental health workers that are here doing jobs that they cant fill by advertising in the UK because British people don't want to do it? 
Will they go running straight to the US and accept TTIP, so that trade links are not broken? 
Not easy to negotiate with the US if your on your back foot.

So many unanswered questions. 

The EU is not great, but in it we have a voice to change policy, we have a veto and we are a country with influence.

Out is like jumping out a plane without a parachute and hoping someone will bring one to you, they might, but the odds are they might not make it.

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