Thursday, 23 June 2016

Think of it in simplistic terms

 Your the leader of a gang and a very respected member of your gang wants to leave. Now you know that this very respected member has friends that would also leave if they saw Respected member leave and be successful. If they all leave your gang will probably break up.....

QUESTION... as leader of the gang would you help respected member to be successful after he's left or would you do everything you could to make it as difficult as possible for him? 

Once you have the answer to that one we go back to reality... to TTIP, 

Lets go by facts Cameron is on record saying "We want TTIP, we want it now" 

So post referendum, we have left the EU.... The leader of the UK needs to set up trade deals but the EU is being difficult so they turn to the US, we already know Cameron will accept TTIP as it is, THATS BAD. 

Meanwhile in the EU the remaining 27 countries negotiate TTIP with the US because they are in a position of power and any one of them can veto it at any time if its not right for them. Do you think that all 27 countries will accept TTIP, without saying anything .....

The odds are massively against, TTIP will be being negotiated for a long time until the deal is right. 

We shall see....

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