Saturday, 12 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Elected Leader of Labour Party, The moment British politics changed for the better.

The moment British politics changed for the better, but now the mud slinging by those in opposition will start in earnest. The reason they are worried, because he's proved he can galvanise people into action, over 400,000 signed up to be part of the election. He was voted in with a massive 59.5% majority in the 1st round, the others didn't even come close.  Hes even galvanised younger voters who had been written off as not interested in politics.

How many votes could he convert in 5 years with his straight talking no nonsense politics. We could be looking at a landslide victory in 2020 ... that's why the opposition, the media, the banks and even the USA will attempt to undermine him at all costs.

I don't agree with all his policies but then when has there ever been a politician that you agreed with 100%, the majority make total sense, unless your a banker. You know he wont spin and you cant fault his honesty. He says what he means.

The beauty of Jeremy Corbyn is that he wont be dictating his idea's and policies they are all up for discussion and debate. He knows that one person doesn't know everything.

400,000 people over 100 days and that's 400,000 people actually prepared to pay money out to the Labour party.  That's big, that's earth moving, that's 4000 people per day.

Lets play games imagine converting half that number just as voters over 5 years?

That's a possible  3,650,000 voters.

Personally I think that's easily achievable if we keep the snowball rolling and counter all the lies and deceit that will be thrown at him, with facts.

The 1st prime ministers question time will be interesting and the conservatives will use it to ridicule.

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