Wednesday, 22 April 2015

UK Voting Time, Im in a safe seat so who should I vote for Hmmmm


In my 55 years on this planet I have noticed that historically, which ever party gets into power, rarely fulfulls their election promises, anyone else noticed that? Ive also noticed that they, without fail always blame this on the previous party in power, perhaps you noticed that as well. So over the years Ive come to the mindset that they are all as bad as each other and politicians always lie. Ok maybe thats a bit harsh, lets go for, they are very economical with the truth.

So who I should vote for has always been a dilemma for me. Now not everyone is the same, but I came to realise that I live in a safe seat ie it doesnt really matter who I vote for because my vote wont really change the outcome, ie its a really safe seat. In fact its been a Conserative seat since the war. So on that basis should I decide its not worth voting? NO definately not your vote is important. You might not be able to change the seat ie political party but you can influence policy. So how? 

Well for one if you live in a safe seat you have feeedom. Before if you wanted to vote for the Parsnip Party people would say thats a wasted vote and it might have been if things were close. But in a safe seat and with our voting system, its not the case. If you like the Parsnip Parties policies, even though they dont stand a chance of getting in, you can vote for them, and if enough people vote for them then the party in power will start bending their policies that way. All the parties do this, left wing Labour has become more conservative in their policies. Right wing conservative has moved more towards labour. All trying to pick up those votes on the edge. So if your in a safe seat you have freedom, YAY!, you can vote for whoever you feel has the best policies smile emoticon great init.

This might help in selection No one party ever publishes the holy grail of policies or as I've said actually fulfills them. On that basis and I never thought Id say this Im actually leaning towards UKIP, I actually loath Nigel Farage and I wouldnt want to see UKIP as Government, but I wouldnt mind some of the bigger parties bending towards their policies. [Steps of soapbox] 

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