Monday, 28 November 2016

When a Girl give you a false number

OK strange coincidences involving this one, so i shall explain....

Id been out for a few beers with mates from the bike club, I left just before them and when i woke up in the morning had the following text.

I thought who the hell rents a house for the night, so thinking it was one of my mates trying to wind me up just replied Ha Ha.... but it continued... 

My comments are in blue.

 So It continues and i get the text below, still thinking its my mates trying a gay windup, I decided to play along and see where it leads.

I'm thinking damn this is a pretty good wind up didn't think they had it in em (Sorry guys lol)

So i replied

OK they are not giving up easily I think, so I continue. I think OK this'll flush them out ill say I was given a password see what they say to that :-)

But it continued 

I'm still thinking this is damn good, but they've made one or two mistakes the biggest being all my posts have my picture on them. What i failed to realise is the guy on the other end cant see my picture (which i removed from the posts along with my phone number when editing this)

So now I'm not sure, I'm 90% certain that some guy has been given a false number by a girl, which by random chance just happened to be mine. But just in case its one of my mates being really clever, I carry on the gay windup... 

Guy must have been having kittens :-) 

At which point I'm creased up  :-)
So i replied....

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