Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Brilliant Face Book Post no 3 by Elizabeth Perryman

There have been some excellent posts on Face Book and because of their sheer brilliance I decided to post a few on here.

Brilliant post No 3 .....Note the author of the below post is Elizabeth Perryman

Elizabeth Perryman
I was bought up not to hate, I may dislike people a lot but I cannot hate. I hate what some people do, and I try always to find out why, but I just can't hate them as people. I am saying this because I received an email from a Labour MP who explained why she was not backing Mr Corbyn. I read the email 4 or 5 times and yet could not find a solitary hard based reason. Still it's her choice. Here is the reason why I am supporting Mr Corbyn, every reason can be verified in the records should you wish to check them.

I first heard of Mr Corbyn when he got into 'a bit of trouble' fighting for the rights of a community who were being attacked and harassed many who should have known better, he campaigned for their freedom to live by their faith and for the land they had in Isreal. To me that showed he was not racist or anything like that.

After a bit of time he went against his own party and campaigned against nuclear arms and the right to live free of that, to me that showed a peaceful man who just knew that many wars could be avoided through dialogue and discussion, I am a pacifist by nature and try to avoid physical confrontation, but I will defend myself if I have to.  The next thing was his fight for unions and the rights of working men and women, although there is still a debate about fair pay for women he has laid the groundwork to bring that to a conclusion.

I lived up North during the miners strike and again he was there fighting for the rights of people to simply keep their job and work. After Mrs Thatcher destroyed the communities by closing the mines and stripping the cities of the steel industry, he was there to help and support rebuilding them. The Government at the time certainly didn't care.

He fights hard for people who have issues around housing, especially those who have no home, those who live in Social Housing as I do, welcome any support we can get and I know for a fact that he works like a Trojan to support Social Housing.
Its not brain surgery to ask people what issues really burden them then bring these issues to PMQs, how many politicians have you ever heard doing that? I receive a regular email asking for questions to ask in PMQs and I have sent some in and heard them being asked too!

I am sick to my stomach hearing politicians stand up and say what the people in their constituency think, yet when I ask some of those same people they just have no idea what I'm talking about saying no one asked them! Heck when I wrote to my MP about a situation that is happening in his constituency, I was initially happy to get a letter to say that he would look into my issue and would respond in two weeks ... that was 9 months ago and still no answer. It's no wonder why so many of us bypass our MPs and Councillors and do our own thing anyway without them. Mr Corbyn has always been interested in the plight of others, not for his own gain but for people to be treat with fairness and understanding.

I then looked into the expenses for many MPs and found his expenses were very low, in fact they did seem too low, it made me wonder, did he forget to put in his claim form or something? But on looking further, I realised he never, he just claimed for the very basics of his personal expenses. I don't expect anyone representing me to do it for nothing, but I do object to paying for Duck shelters and Moats around big houses. I don't know where Mr Corbyn lives but seeing the house he is photographed coming out of in the mornings, it looks like he might have a neighbour dispute if he tried to build a moat round it. It seems to me that he is just an ordinary man that does his best for no material or personal gain, all he asks for is people to be treated fairly and with respect. Is that too much to ask for because if it is I will stand by Mr Corbyn and plead guilty of greed.

Politics is not rocket science its simply asking people how things can be worked to bring a better society and working towards that aim. Politicians work for us, we don't need to be nannied and told what to think and do, what we need is to be asked and listened to and understood. And that is why I support Mr Corbyn. He really is a man of the people.


  1. Thank you for posting this, I feel so honoured that you chose my post to add to your wonderful blog

    1. Thank you for allowing me to post your brilliant words :-)