Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Brilliant Face Book Post no 2 by Bridget Mitchell

There have been some excellent posts on Face Book and because of their sheer brilliance I decided to post a few on here.

Brilliant post No 2 .....Note the author of the below post is Bridget Mitchell

Bridget Mitchell

Some thoughts the why I am voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m 58 years old disabled grandmother and was a lifelong Labour voter until the Yes Referendum here in Scotland. Recently I have returned to the fold, and I have Jeremy to thank for that. I am not a thug, a momentum member an Entryist a Trotskyist, a member of any lefty group, or any political group at all. 

Although not academically gifted I have managed to navigate my way one way or another to this point in my life. The Labour Party and it’s values were bred into me I am proud to be a coal miners daughter. I am proud to worked in the soup kitchens side by side other miners children trying to sustain the families during the fight to save the pits from Margaret Thatchers hatchet. One of my earliest memories is of being given the most adorable collie pup for my birthday when I was about 5 yrs old and when asked what I wanted to name him, Winston Churchill was my choice. so as you can see Labour values are at my very core. 

Over the years as a disabled single parent I became so disillusioned in Politics in general with all the corruption and expenses scandals, lack of trust, and more importantly lack of representation for me no mater what we in Scotland voted we got what the majority of England voted for, and it wasn’t my Labour. My deep held faith in my Labour party was destroyed by Blair and his followers, I no longer could tell the difference between them and the Torys. No one was articulating the things I was feeling no one seemed have the fight to oppose the injustices that was plain for all to see. I gave up looking to politics and politicians for any help or guidance. 

Having worked within many community groups in areas of severe deprivation and with many disadvantaged people I saw our caring Britain unravel. I witnessed the results of the care in the community bills. I worked within the homeless community where voluntary organisations were being left to pick up the fall out. I have witnessed peoples care float from being from the cradle to the grave to be a postcode lottery dependent on where you reside dictating how much and the quality of care you get in times of greatest need. I have witnessed communities die as drugs and despair has slowly has engulfed them. 

Jeremy Corbyn this passionate dignified man has rekindled in me, the hope that things could change and be a better fairer society. His fight against those who wish to silence him has inspired me to come back and fight for what I believe to be right. I have two beautiful granddaughters I want there still to be a planet for them when they grow up. a place where they can live free from fear, be able to provide for themselves, to be able to own their own home, to be all they can be.

The Labour Party needed radical change not make it a different party but to bring it back and again represent the membership. 

For the first time in decades in Jeremy I have found a politician I can trust and believe in, one who will uphold my values and fight against the austerity prison we are being held in by the present government.

Some of my rambling reasons for voting Jeremy please excuse grammatical errors just a piece written from the heart.

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