Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Brilliant Face Book Post no 1 by Simon Jonesy Jones.

There have been some excellent posts on Face Book and because of their sheer brilliance I decided to post a few on here. 

Brilliant post No 1 .....Note the author of the below post is Simon Jonesy Jones.

Simon Jonesy Jones

I have to say there is nothing annoys me more than someone that has read and memorised every socialist piece of writing since Marx, then. Feels the need to use 1900's theories to dictate to people what 'real socialism' is. It is arrogant, pompous and shortsighted. It is 1970's OU television super nerd.
If you want to argue with me about capitalism over socialism fine. But dont use your theoretical knowledge to insult me. I have lived in the real world. I have stood with the unions, championing workers rights. I have been a shop steward, I have walked the streets knocking on doors, I have stood on picket lines. I have been on the receiving end of a line of riot shields. I have been dragged away by the police. Am sure you armchair students imagine you have too. Maybe you have.
I also have spent all my life working with people. Mainly children and families. Protecting kids from abuse, trying to keep families together and survive dire abject poverty and deprivation. To work with survivors of violence, sexual assault and exploitation. Some only babies. To remove children from parents knowing the parents do care but are unable to cope. To try to aid families change and grow. To help parents make the hardest decisions possible. And yes to deal with those that don't survive.
I will not quote Trotsky to you. I will give examples of the real world. Of life. Of the effects of materialism, the need for family and community, how we are constantly watched and monitored.
I may be boring. I may be 'uneducated' without an oxbridge degree in neoliberalism. But I hope I am fairly intelligent. I hope I see the world as it is not how it was. I pray I have realistic hopes and expectations.
So if your going to insult me firstly do it to my face not from the safety of your PC, lap top, tablet or phone. Then use experience not literature.
My experiences shape me. I am not your vision of a 'true socialist' because I strive for fairness, equality of opportunity and chances. I want a realistic living wage for all. I want the sick and disabled to have choice, chance and opportunity. I want them to live as humans with luxury and quality of life. I do not want them seen as scroungers, squalid, a drain, corrupt, or any of the other terms the press, media, government, Establishment or society choose to label them with.
I want children to have the freedoms we had to play, learn and develop. I want them to be seen as kids not yobs or a threat. I want society - you and me to remember we were young. We made mistakes. We learned by them and hopefully still do. I want all education to be free and a degree matter whether from a poly, metro, city university or oxford. I want us to value our children for they are our reason for being here.
I want people to have chances of jobs with security. No zero hour contracts. Part time to hold the same terms and conditions as full time. Holidays and sick pay for all. A minimum wage all can live on.
I want an end to the need for food banks, homeless shelters and hostels. All people deserve a home, food and warmth. They also deserve basic luxury items. Life is living not surviving.
I want men and women to have the same pay, same chances, same rights.
I want us all to be protected from harm whether violence, aggression or poverty.
I want no more 1%. I don't care if people have more or less money but no one needs billions. Especially whilst others starve.
I want an end to corruption in politics and business. If we are taxed then the rich are taxed too.
The people need to retake control of the country. Democracy cannot any longer be a con. It needs to be reborn. For the politicians to work for the people not their own self interest. If they are found to be corrupt then jail them. No messing about.
We are not the world police. We do not need to invade countries any more. Let the UN do their job not us!
This is not utopian. Its not communism. To me it truly is what I believe is socialism.
So argue with me all you like. Tell me I am not a true socialist. I am a realist, a humanist and I still believe a true 21st Century Socialist. Prove me wrong.

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