Thursday, 16 June 2016

Unelected bureaucrats in the EU ~ Really?

Im still on the fence trying to make an informed decision however this one keeps cropping up and clouding the issue, so ...... are there "unelected bureaucrats in the EU?"

I guess for clarity we need to find out what people mean by bureaucrat

Simple Definition of bureaucrat

A person who is one of the people who run a government or big company and who does everything according to the rules of that government or company : a person who is part of a bureaucracy.
  • MEP's are elected every 5 years.
  • Last election in UK was 2014 so next one will be 2019.
  • MEP's vote on leader of EU, very similar to how MPs in UK vote on the leader of their particular party.
  • There are 28 European commissioners. Each Commissioner is nominated by their member state in consultation with the Commission President.
  • In the UK we have 800 people sitting in the House of Lords all of these are unelected.

"Unlike appointed ministers heading government departments in the UK, the 28 European commissioners are meant to carry out their responsibilities independently of their national governments, acting only in the general interest of the union. In that sense, they are similar to British civil servants - politically impartial and independent of the government."
"The statement of unelected bureaucrats making decisions in the EU is therefore somewhat misleading"


  1. Good job Gary. Also like the links below particularly John McCormick who really seem to know his stuff

    1. Oooh a comment dont normally get those :-) thanks