Sunday, 26 June 2016

Tory Lies Have Split The Country

I don't think anyone could argue with that. 

Its also clear that those that tipped the vote the leave way were the older voters. Did these voters make informed decisions or believe the lies?

I would suggest they were not informed decisions for a lot of people of certain age.

I saw two old ladies on TV being interviewed, saying they voted out, when asked why they replied "Because we remember how it used to be"
Putting the in or out vote aside, should people be making votes based on how it used to be.  It should be based on how it could be.  So these old ladies have voted for going back to what?  Also these old ladies will most probably be dead and gone by the time we see any benefits (if there are any which is another moot point) from this decision.

With regard to the vote, I have to say would we be calling for another referendum if the vote had gone the other way? Everyone knew what the rules of the vote were. We have had a democratic vote, if they wanted the rules changed to 60% majority they should have petitioned during the campaign. Although notably Farage was saying last month that he would fight for a second referendum on Britain in Europe if the remain campaign won by a narrow margin, hes keeping very quiet now :-)

I do think though to have such an important vote based on a 1 vote could win it shows how arrogant and conceited the Tories are. You need to have a clear majority so that the UK doesn't end up split like it is now.  Cameron is saying I love my country etc etc well sorry but your arrogance has done nothing but split the country.

Personally I think the vote was based on a series of lies.

Lie 1: We would get back £350 million a week that we send to the EU that we can spen on the NHS ~  There never was £350 million so Ill be interested where Boris and co will get the £350 million a week from.

Lie 2: We will take back control of our borders ~ Pretty much every economic trading model with the EU in existence relys on agreement of free movement of people.

Lie 3: Stability ~ David Cameron pledged he would remain as PM regardless of the outcome of the vote.  But true to form he lied yet again and resigned the next day, "Brits don't quit" he said and then Quit.

Lie 4: Article 50 ~ David Cameron pledged he would invoke article 50 straight away in the outcome of a leave majority. But true to form he lied yet again.

Brexit have truly landed themselves and us in the crap. They have no plan, they are running around backtracking on all the promises they used to win the vote and they are stalling on invoking article 50.  Will it ever be invoked?

Its like the start of a boxing match the EU is in the ring warming up, shadow boxing, waiting for the UK to turn up so they can start making body punches and put off other contenders that want to challenge. Meanwhile the UK sits in the dressing room trying to work out how to take the fight to the EU. 

I was so close to voting out that the out vote doesn't actually concern me. What concerns me is we have turned the UK over to a bunch of un-prepared idiots who will get slaughtered in negotiations with the EU. Cameron didn't get what he wanted which is why we ended up with a referendum.

Does anyone really think that Johnson or Gove would be able to garner a better deal?

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