Thursday, 9 June 2016

The EU conundrum have I convinced myself to vote IN or OUT?

I already posted a blog putting forward my reasons to vote to leave OK Ive decided im voting out of the EU
I post this because whilst immigration and migration are important issues, they are not the only issue. From what some people are posting its scary to think that their decision is going to be based only on this.

However a few months down the line and having listened to all the scaremongering of both sides, listened to politicians, businessmen big and small, farmers, fishermen etc etc.

I'm still none the wiser and my views of my previous blog havnt changed. So reasons to stay in, lets see if I can convince myself.  Ill put them in order of what I feel is likely to have most effect.

  1. The EU is now 28 countries, they cant afford to have one of the bigger members leave and do well. If we did well others would swiftly jump and the EU would be no more. Those at the top of the EU, will not allow this to happen. If we leave they will pile on the pain in an attempt to make an example of us.  We could ride that pain but im guessing it could take 20 years to recover.
  2. David Cameron, last year vowed to put “rocket boosters” under the talks as he described TTIP as “a deal we want”.... I actually thought that TTIP was a danger if we stayed in but if we vote out and Cameron stays as leader, he will probably go cap in hand to the US and agree TTIP. Is the EU the only chance of negotiating a better deal or scrapping TTIP in its current form. Or do we stand a better chance out. Its a difficult one but the three mentioned below are all for privatisation of the NHS and Cameron is for TTIP. Rock and a hard place.
  3. Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith and Michael Gove (it needs no explanation)
  4. The EU is by no means perfect and we might not have much say, but we do have a say in what happens. We also have a veto and we can work at changing things from within.
  5. If we leave we can still trade with the EU but will probably have to accept EU rules like Norway does but not have a say in them. Norway also has to accept free movement of people. There are other trading agreements but see note 1 that's the deal stealer.
  6. Voting in, is in effect, a vote for the basic principle of the EU, free movement of people. In theory I don't actually think that is a bad thing. I've not been able to find any major detrimental evidence regardless of what people say. However I do think certain conditions need to be in place to stop everyone in Europe wanting to come to the UK. Which is possible with the wages and economy in some of the lesser countries. There needs to be a playing field leveler.
Questions that all should consider
  • Why does Obama want the UK in the EU?
  • Why did Cameron change tack after using the referendum to win an election?
  • Why has Corbyn changed tack?
  • Why did Johnson change tack?
Everything happens for a reason, some people are going along certain lines for their own reasons.

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