Tuesday, 26 April 2016

OK Ive decided Im voting out of the EU

Voting out the EU has failed and proved itself to be a corrupt bully of smaller members

The Tories took us into the EU and voting in now would be like voting for the Tories after 6 years of failure because some dick wad says it'll be worse under Labour.  Well maybe it will maybe it wont. In fact no one really knows there's lots of blowing of hot air, lots if and buts but no one has any hard facts because its never been done.

Yeah OK we will stay in because although its shit we can clean it better on the inside. No, sorry you don't clean a toilet by stepping into the pan, you stand outside and you flush it away.

One thing I do know is the EU has failed, the Euro has failed as a currency, if we had been in the Euro in 2008 our economy would have collapsed. Another thing I know Labour under Corbyn wont be lining their pockets like the Tories are. If Labour gets rid of Corbyn then maybe I'll look elsewhere for someone that's principled and doesn't feel the need to lie and insult but i digress.

The EU is corrupt to the core, you cant fight that level of corruption from withing or out, you have to cause a catastrophic failure of the system so that it collapses and something better can be built. The same way a corrupt Rome collapsed on itself and died.  Don't get me wrong the idea is good but not the way its setup at present and it needs too many changes to be worth it and too many powerful people stand in the way.

I do think they will do their best to make sure that we fail in the short term. They will stall on trade talks as will the US after all they want their lackey spy inside Europe, we are no good to them out of it. If we vote out lets see how long that 'Special' relationship lasts.

However we've been forced into corners before and come out of it OK. If we vote out its highly likely that Holland, Sweden, Czechs, even France etc will possibly follow with their own referendums and the walls come crumbling down.

I kept thinking that one of my problems with voting out was Boris would probably end up as leader of the Tories. Maybe that's not a bad thing though, if the public cant see through the lies of Cameron maybe Boris will be the turning point.

Tony Benn has been proven to be very insightful in his speeches in Parliament in the past, we should not forget these very important words.  When thinking about the EU.......

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