Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Never thought Id agree with Boris Johnson

Garys Thought: 
If there are spending limits imposed on political parties why is David Cameron spending £2m more than the limit and why isn't the money coming from the Conservative party. 
Why is the tax payer paying for it.?
Are other political party's allowed to use tax payers money for their campaigns?

Any money spent on these leaflets should be paid back to the tax payer out of Conservative party funds.

STOP CAMERON spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets
Prime Minister David Cameron plans to spend British taxpayers’ money on a pro-EU document to be sent to every household in the United Kingdom in the run up to the EU referendum. We believe voters deserve a fair referendum - without taxpayer-funded biased interceptions by the Government.

What are the rules for campaigning?

The Electoral Commission is in charge of making sure it's a fair contest. It will select a designated lead campaign for both the "leave" and "remain" sides. The official campaigns will get access to a grant of up to £600,000, an overall spending limit of £7m, campaign broadcasts, free mailshots and free access to meeting rooms. Other groups are free to run their own campaigns but they will be limited to a spend of £700,000 if they register with the Electoral Commission and will have to report the source of donations. If they don't register with the Commission they will be limited to spending less than £10,000. The Electoral Commission haspublished a guide to the rules.

How much can the parties spend?

The spending limit for political parties depend on the percentage of the vote they received at the general election. The Conservatives have the highest spending limit - £7m - because they got the most votes at the general election. Labour is limited to £5.5m, UKIP £4m and the Lib Dems £3m. The SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru and other parties that got less than 5% of votes cast in May will be limited to £700,000.

EU referendum: PM 'makes no apology' for £9m EU leaflets  David Cameron has defended a government pro-EU membership campaign, amid criticism that £9m of public money is being spent on "one-sided propaganda".
Reality Check: The government's referendum leaflet  The government is sending out a leaflet to 27 million homes explaining why it thinks people should vote to stay in the European Union.  Here is a selection of some of the claims made in the leaflet.

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