Thursday, 24 March 2016

Title deeds of the school and the land, transferred to a private company when the school becomes an academy.
1. The title deeds of the school and the land are transferred to a private company when the school becomes an academy

2. Michael Gove borrows £25,000 to pay the legal fees for the private companies to ensure the title deeds are transferred from the council (us taxpayers who paid to build the schools - to these private companies)

So are these points and indeed the article correct.........

Regarding point 1 above I find this comment on page 5 of the Governments document regarding land transfer advise produced by the Department for education
"Our expectation is that all land and facilities used wholly or mainly for the purpose of the converting school will transfer and be made available to the academy in accordance with the mechanisms set out in this guidance. We expect local authorities, foundation trusts, and schools to take timely steps to ensure that such transfers are completed in time for conversion."

Regarding point 2 as yet haven't found anything regarding Gove borrowing £25,000 for legal fees but going on what I already found Im sure its there. So will update.


 "Taxpayer-funded academy chains have paid millions of pounds into the private businesses of directors, trustees and their relatives, documents obtained from freedom of information requests show."

"Grace Academy, which runs three schools in the Midlands and was set up by the Tory donor Lord Edmiston, has paid more than £1m either directly to or through companies owned or controlled by Edmiston, trustees' relatives and to members of the board of trustees."
  • £533,789 to International Motors Limited, a company owned by Edmiston
  • £4,253 to Subaru UK Ltd, where he is the ultimate controlling party. 
  • £173,000 was also paid to the charities Grace Foundation and Christian Vision, both of which were set up by Edmiston
  • £108,816 has been paid to a company controlled by the son-in-law of one trustee.
  • Grace Academy also employs Gary Spicer, the brother of Lady Edmiston, as its executive director, on a salary of £30,000 plus pension.

"Leigh Academies Trust, run by Michael Gove's newly appointed schools commissioner, Frank Green, has paid £111,469 since 2010 to Shoreline, a private company founded by him, in consultancy fees."

And it goes on and on and on,_Baron_Harris_of_Peckham

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