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The REAL reason this country is in the state it is in !!!! ... The Tories.

The REAL reason this country is in the state it is in !!!! Look at the last column and you will see the Annual Net Migration.

And my answer is .......

An interesting question and much is made of immigration. 

Unfortunately we have the British Empire to blame for influxes from India one of the biggest groups. But hey I happen to like Indian food and Chinese and Italian and french and kebabs.

But moving forward to what has led to the biggest free movement of people from EU states. We have to look to the Tories and Edward Heath who took us into the EU in 1972 and in fact may have done it illegally. Heath didn't have a referendum because opinion polls at the time (1972) showed that the British people were hugely opposed (by a margin of two to one) against joining the Common Market. Instead, Heath merely signed the documents that took us into what became the European Union on the basis that Parliament alone had passed the European Communities Bill of 1972. After that all parties in power since then have had one hand tied behind their back on immigration due to EU regulation.

Personally Im not in favor of the EU. 

However as a country we are neither High or Low on immigration stats compared to other EU countries as we sit right in the middle of the table at 3.6% . Belgium is highest at 6.5% and also has the 2nd highest population density. Portugal is lowest at 1.8%. 

So Having researched it, the answer to your question is Ted Heath opened the door in 1972 by taking us into the EU (Possibly illegally) with out a referendum. Had that referendum happened we wouldn't be in the EU. Because no party would have been able to get away with taking us into the EU once a referendum had already happened.......

In fact Harold Wilson tried but dismally failed to retrospectively correct the decision by later holding a referendum, which interestingly may have also been illegal.

Q: What is the 2nd most spoken language spoken in the UK apart from English?

Interestingly, in the List of countries by net migration rate, the UK is 38th with 2.56 migrants per 1,000 people. Is this good or bad? that depends on your opinion, however its not as bad as the press paints it. Now if you were in Lebanon with 83.82 migrants per 1,000 you might be concerned.

You could look at UKs migration level and say that its really low, which it is, per 1000 population, however once you bring density into the equation its actually dare I say about right but starting to get too high. But we certainly need limitations from now on and wont get that within the EU.
Monumental deceit: How our politicians have lied and lied about the true purpose of the European behemoth,_1975

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