Sunday, 24 January 2016

Begging email from the tories ~ Brilliant Reply by Billy J Wells

On the 22nd of January 2016 I received this email from the Tories. I was thinking of responding but decided it wasn't worth my time as they would take no notice anyway and just continue pumping out Lie after Lie after Lie. Then I came across someone who had responded and in a far better way than I ever could and not just because he's ex forces but because its accurate on all points that the Tories continue to lie about.

Do we really want to elect a political party based on whether it can lie better than the rest? Because if you voted Conservative that's what you voted for ... THE BEST LIER.

Just for clarity, I've posted the email sent to me, Billy will have received one in his name and replied to that.... so now that's cleared up.

The [LIE1] etc comments I have added, please check a video to see what was actually said, dont believe the Tory press which is 95% of newspapers. Everything they say is misquoted.

So Tory email at top and below is Mr Wells eloquent reply, Bravo Mr Wells who can be found here ...

Dear Gary,
This week, we had yet another warning that the Labour Party are a threat to our national security.
Labour have said they would weaken Britain's defences by having a nuclear deterrent without any nuclear weapons [LIE1], they would negotiate with Daesh terrorists [LIE2], and they want to end the Falkland Islanders' right to self-determination [LIE3].
Gary, it may be Labour's defence policy to have no defence, but we must make sure that it will never be Britain's.
It’s clearer than ever that Labour are a threat to our national and economic security. And with their candidates standing for election up and down the country this May, we need your help to stop them.
Donate today to ensure that we can deliver national and economic security for the working people of Britain.
Best wishes,

Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP
Secretary of State for Defence

The below is by Mr Billy Wells and all credits to him for it.

Dear Mr Fallon,
It's the Conservative party who I fear not to protect us. Recently Cameron took us to Syria putting this country under threat of street massacres of the kind we have seen in France. You have cut our forces, subs without nuclear weapons is no more ridiculous than aircraft carriers without aircraft only Mr Corbyns plan is to have an alternative weapon on board those subs. May I ask what you have on board those aircraft carriers instead of aircraft?

Wasn't it Margaret Thatcher who refused to negotiate with terrorists in the form of the IRA? Wasn't it negotiations that brought about peace and stopped the killing? I wonder how many deaths could have been avoided had Mrs Thatcher done the right thing and I can't help wondering if Mr Corbyn has a point when talking of back door negotiations with Deash. Fighting fire with fire just creates a bigger fire and haven't we already done enough damage in the Middle East already? Has it made the world a safer place? Maybe just maybe it's time to try something else, maybe it's time we did what's right and stay out of wars.

As an ex soldier I see moral in the forces at an all time low, a smaller armed forces and a poorly equipped one at that. We are no longer a world power and I for one have had enough of our politicians voting to kill and putting our lives in danger. Bombing another country is not defending our shores which, is what our defence forces should be there for and no more.

It's you the conservatives I do not trust.

You take from people like me then have the audacity to ask me to donate money to your cause. How much are putting in out of your own pocket? I would sooner burn my money than support a heartless lying bunch of elitist privileged fools who have no idea what it is to struggle to feed, clothe and stay warm. Nothing this government has done has helped me, I had a nice little business but thanks to the lie of austerity that both you and I know is only about shrinking the state, I am now struggling to keep a roof over my head. You are destroying the NHS, selling assets owned by me and other tax payers at knock down prices, stealing from the poor and giving to the wealthy. How dare you ask me to support the conservatives.

I could go on but I have wasted enough time on your begging letter but just to make it clear. I AM A MEMBER OF THE LABOUR PARTY I DO NOT WANT EMAILS BEGGING ME FOR MONEY TO HELP YOUR CAUSE. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS.

Your sincerely B. Wells

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