Monday, 14 December 2015

Careworkers axed as Osborne looks after Bankers

A training scheme to create a career ladder for care workers and to address the acute shortage of nurses in care homes has been axed as a direct result of chancellor George Osborne’s spending review.
The scheme was due to start in the new year, but its backers were told last week that its £178,000 government funding was being withdrawn. Six other projects designed to boost opportunities for low-paid women workers have suffered the same fate.


The Tories have quietly dropped a crackdown on fatcat bosses who preside over reckless behaviour in Britain's banks.
Labour and Lib Dem peers voiced their fury today after the move was slipped without fanfare into an obscure section of a new banking law.
Lib Dem Baroness Kramer accused "outrageous" George Osborne of "buckling to pressure from his friends in the banks" - and warned it could allow bosses to turn a blind eye to another LIBOR rate-rigging scandal.

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