Saturday, 19 December 2015

Being made redundant in 2016 Happy New Year

It hasn't happened yet and it might not happen, but I should know by Tuesday 22nd December 2015, three days before Christmas day. HAPPY CHRISTMAS.  Either way myself of one other lucky fucker will be without a job by Tuesday.

Its not the fact that its Christmas, I'm not religious, but to choose the time of the year when there are very few union representatives around and very few people are employing anyone at this time of year is low even for a company like HP.

After all everyone is at Christmas Parties, enjoying themselves, walking around with Santa hats on, thinking of making their way back home, pondering a nice little break where nothing happens, because everyone is off...... yeah!

Apart from running my own little company fixing phones, laptops and PCs for people to make up a few quid. I'm employed by HPCDS a subsidiary of HP, yup sorry lets name and shame. I thought Capita was bad but according to the Union rep HP are worse. Apparantly they will do anything, anything, to pay out as little as possible in any redundancy situation. Not my words but the union reps.

So anyway I work for HPCDS at o2 in Slough as a IT engineer. I used to be a union rep and Its amazing how ineffectual unions are now, unfortunately im also a lone voice as no one else would join the union. HP are being very effecient and have obviously done this many times before. So basically we are being processed, it feels like part of a slick operation, the process being to move the chosen one along the conveyor belt, crossing the T's and dotting the i's as we go and make sure there is no chance of any kind of legal challenge.

With the change to employment tribunals it now costs approx £1200 to take a case to tibunal. Who's got that kind of money having been made redundant?

The worse thing is there are 6 people, collegues, work associates that we now have to pit each other against. Obviously you hope it wont be you as it buys you a little more time over christmas. But by doing so it means your hoping someone else loses their job, its a quandry that I have to say, Im not comfortable with.

So thanks for that HPCDS/HP just because you feel that the redundacy has to go ahead 1 week before Christmas you've actually put me in the position that I will feel better if its actually me that loses their job and even if its not me it will still be shitty.

How fucked up is that.

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