Thursday, 12 November 2015

Muslim Rape of Sweden?

So are Muslim gangs taking over Sweden and raping infidel women as the report above suggests?

Jamie Glazov
Ingrid Carlqvist

I did actually watch it and imediately got the impression that the interviewer Jamie Glazov is right wing Conservative, not too sure about him he has a certain slant.

Ingrid Carlqvist cant find too much about her either outside her own country, she didnt come across as being very believable, almost a David Icke type.

I like to check facts but Its difficult to qualify their statement that sweden has the most rapes out of any country due to the way that Sweden reports rape. For instance a husband may rape his wife every day for a year. In Sweden that would be counted as 365 rapes anywhere where else would be counted as one rape. Now whether it should be counted as 1 or 365 is another discussion. The fact is rightly or wrongly that skews Swedish figures against any others, so whether they have the most rape or not is difficult to ascertain. 

Personally im no lover of religion, so whilst I believe that people should be able to believe what they want, my caveat is "as long as it doesnt detrimentally affect others". Again, back to checking facts, In the video they claim that islam allows the rape of infidel women, I have been unable to find this in the Quran. There are some references to women captured in war, it only mentions sex in the verse, but I think we can safely say that a women captured in war and about to be sold as a slave is not going to be totally happy about having sex with their captive. That said I still cant find reference to raping infidel women, if anyone can find it please post the reference.

The video also mentions 55 no go area's due to Muslim gangs. Again searching for facts has proved difficult so far. I found a lot of what could be described as radical pages all claiming the same thing, with a lot seeming to have copied the same speel from others. Bloomberg was the only mainstream source found but that was saying it was Debunking the myth.

I think I will ask a friend ....

to be continued

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