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Dealing with ISIS, talking to terrorists, trident, Saudi and Wahhabism

Mehdi Hasan gives 'War on Terror' a reality check
In Iraq, there were zero suicide attacks in the country's history until 2003. Since then, there have been 1,892.In Pakistan, there was one suicide attack in the 14 years before 9/11. In the fourteen years since, there have been 486.After 14 years, $4.4tn, and hundreds of thousands of deaths - has the so-called war on terror made the world a safer place?In the Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan exposes the failures of the global military campaign to fight "terrorism".For more, keep up with his new show on Al Jazeera, UpFront:
Posted by Al Jazeera English on Sunday, 13 September 2015

The he's friendly with terrorists chant continues with regard to Jeremy Corbyn and as I've had to point out to many people, he doesn't align himself with terrorists but advocated in the past talking to them. In this he was proved to be correct both with the IRA and the ANC. For years Corbyn promoted that, talking to the IRA was the only way to resolve things. Not long after Corbyn talked with them, the Government, even though they had said they would never talk to terrorists, started talking to them. "The Troubles" were eventually  resolved when the Government got into secret talks, something that 36 years of armed struggle with the IRA did not. I wont go any further into that as its all there on the internet but just to quickly clarify im not suggesting that Corbyn had anything to do with bringing peace just that talking was proved the correct route.

Onto socialism, (again sorry, still killing many birds with one stone) we may never have had true socialism in this country, however, everyone benefits from it. You wouldn't have the society we enjoy today if it wasn't for socialism, nor the NHS or trade unions that did so much to raise standards for working people, nuff said about that. 

Onto ISIS..... ISIS is a difficult group to deal with, its a radical ideology that stems from Saudi and has backers there, the Wahhabi religious movement is about as radical as it comes. Note that it is also described as ultraconservative. Hmmm.

Ive said it before, so I'll say it again, in my humble opinion you cant kill a religious ideology, it doesn't matter how many troops you send or how many missiles, you will just convert more and more moderates over to the radical side to take their place. They will actually be queing up to die because they want to die in battle against the infidel ie us. Everything they are doing is attempting to make the prophecy of Armageddon that is in the Quoran, true. 

I guarantee that this problem will not be solved by troops and war. I'm still killing several birds with one post here so bear with me ......Back to Corbyn, he is not advocating talking to ISIS, he's not stupid. He is saying that its better to avoid conflict with them, which will slow down the conversion of moderate Muslims to the radical Wahhabi side and we should do that by choking them. Cut off their funding, their arms etc, the reason governments don't like that idea is, we sell arms to Saudi.  Now we come to a problem, the arms sellers are going to make billions on the arms used in conflict with ISIS and it could go on for years. So the powers that be are not going to promote that particular idea.

Trade with Saudi should be stopped until they stop funding ISIS...... Oooops catch 22 ....That wont happen either because Saudi has the Oil.  But it does need to happen, we need our Governments to find another way apart from a military one, because that will never work. But then I fear they don't really want it to work. Keep the money pouring into the arms manufacturers eh!

It really is a tricky one which is why it requires a lot of intelligent thought rather than the knee jerk bomb the feckers attitude. It might make everyone feel better but it will lead to blood on the streets of the UK similar to Paris.

Whilst on this subject lets drop onto Trident as well, France is a nuclear power and it never stopped them being attacked, it wont stop us being attacked either. What we also need to be careful of is, party leaders have a habit of using conflict to gain popularity. Thatcher would have never been re-elected, if it wasn't for the Falklands war and dont forget Thatcher was deemed unelectable by her own party
Trident was useful during the cold war and may even be useful stopping the likes of North Korea thinking they can take over the world, albeit a radio active one.  
I would point out though, that we are signed up to a treaty "The treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons" that treaty says, we will start talks with a view to reducing or getting rid of completely, nuclear weapons. At some stage we have to start talking and that is exactly Corbyns point, no one is showing any signs of starting any form of debate on the subject apart from banging on and calling anyone who mentions anything about getting rid of Trident as being madmen and a risk to security, really? 
Lets look at the plans for Armageddon, our own little armaggedon, not the ISIS one. Apologies for going of track again, but very simply theres one of our subs on patrol 24/7. If it cant complete a series of communication checks with dear old Blighty, lets hope radio 4 doesn't go down, the commander goes to the safe and opens up a letter sealed by the Prime Minister. This then gives him instructions in what to do next. Nuke the feckers!!! no doubt. What this will mean is we are no longer here, we've been nuked in a preemptive strike, so your deterrent is no longer a deterrent its a  retaliatory weapon, which is what it really was all along.  Even if ISIS got hold of a nuke and nuked us we couldnt retaliate, who would you fire it at Syria?

The bottom line is ISIS = Wahhabism

It doesnt take a nuclear physisist to work out which countries need to be pulled into line, but it wont happen. Instead they will try and blast ISIS off the face of the earth, the real brains and money behind it all will be unscathed and ready to launch another wave of fighters, all climbing over each other to get to the Virgins. Meanwhile people will die in this country because of the sledgehammer aproach. 

The truth about Isis!USA war against them is bullshit Explains why nothing has happened after 2 years!
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