Sunday, 29 November 2015

Cameron the Proven Threat to UK security

The chickens are now coming home to roost and its now proven, beyond all doubt, that Cameron and the Tory policies are the real threat to the UK's security.

Jeremy Corbyn is once again proved right by not being a sheep like others and having the guts to question Camerons plans. The mark of a real leader.

Very simply here is the proof
  1. Decomissioned all of our carriers and carrier based aircraft the Harrier. This means that we havnt got the forces needed to retake the Falklands, if we needed to.
  2. The F35 wont be combat ready till at least 2020, meaning we will have carriers in service with no aircraft which is an absolute farcical situation.Thats assuming the F35 is ready by 2020.
  3. The spiraling costs and delayed delivery of the US-made F-35, coupled with the retirement of the Tornado fighters, will leave the UK’s airspace with no protection and its air force capacity a “joke,” according to a raft of senior officials.
  4. The Navy has been cut back so much they wont have enough personel to crew the Carriers.
  5. Cuts to the RAF means that we really are now just an also ran on the world stage. We dont have the capability to mount a campaign on our own. How can we defend ourselves?
  6. The Tornado is being decomissioned therfore there are not enough aircraft available for our forces to use in Syria to effectivly bomb ISIS.

Julian Lewis, the Tory chairman of the influential Commons Defence Select Committee, said last night that "Britain's fleet of mission-ready Tornados was so small that it could only make a 'marginal' contribution to the war against Islamic State, should Parliament vote to approve air strikes on targets in Syria." [More Here]

Britain does not have enough aircraft to carry out effective bombing missions against Islamic State in Syria, a senior Conservative MP has told The Mail on Sunday. Experts say that 24 Tornado ground-attack aircraft would be needed for Britain to mount an effective campaign, while maintaining current missions in Iraq.
But RAF sources say that only 'two to four' jets are poised to join the eight-strong force already operating over IS territory from Britain's airbase at Akrotiri in Cyprus.

According to a well-placed source, David Cameron was informed of the lack of available aircraft by Defence officials and was said to have been 'disappointed'. Downing Street did not respond to requests for comment last night.

Sir John explained that the UK actually has about 72 Tornado ground-attack jets. But because the aircraft is due to be retired from service in 2019 only a limited number are available for operations.
He said: 'Inevitably towards the end of the Tornado's lifespan everything which keeps it in the skies is wound down – that's simply a fact of retiring the aircraft. 'We simply couldn't sustain a deployment of 24 with the numbers of Tornado we have now. For every one you send out on a mission, you need two more in readiness, just to maintain the operational tempo.' [More Here]

What would be worse, no not worse, it would be criminal, to put our front line forces in danger, should bombing go ahead, with out the right backup assets. David Cameron needs to explain how he will keep our forces as safe as they can be, in a theatre of war, with the depleted resources they have, depleted due to his cuts.

The UKs forces have been depleted so much by David Cameron and the Tories that we no longer can make anything more than minimal effect with the aircraft available. 

Therefore the ambition to join in the Syrian bombing campaign is nothing more than Cameron trying to look like a big leader when he is in fact an also ran. 

One has to question how Cameron didnt know he had enough operational aircraft available before the speech in the commons.  This is incompetance at the highest level.

Jeremy Corbyn proved right yet again to question Cameron's rickety plans.

Is the real reason that Cameron wants to join France and US in bombing because hes made so many cuts he hasnt got a credible force to go it alone. If anything crops up we would struggle without France or US backing us. He needs them due to his incompetance therfore he has to back them. Both France and US have carrier forces and I'm sure they wouldnt be stupid enough to get rid of them before a replacement was ready, unlike Cameron and Osbourne.

Delays in costly ‘white elephant’ F-35 leave British skies ‘vulnerable’

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