Saturday, 17 October 2015

We have 5 years

People voted for the Tories because they believed the lies and spin that they came out with. Labour spectacularly failed the public by being totally impotent in combatting those lies and spin. Unfortunately some people still believe the Tories lie that Labour was responsible for the economic crisis.

To win an election we need to expose the Tory lies wherever they are spouted.

Its detrimental to attack those that voted tory just because they (foolishly) believed what Cameron was spouting at the time. If you continue to attack those that voted Tory rather than trying to explain to them what the lies were, then you are not helping the Labour party in fact you are hurting the Labour party. 

We have 5 years to expose their lies, 5 years to get Corbyn in front of the public and combat the media lies about him, 5 years to turn non voters into voters, 5 years to convince those that normally vote Labour but voted Tory to come back to Labour. 5 years to convince people that socialism is not a joke, 5 years to convince people that Labour is not a joke, 5 years to convince people that we do have a workable economic strategy and that its backed by credible economists, unlike George Osbourns policies.

Now is not the time to be alienating anyone by lacking empathy. That one person could become someone who converts thousands. 

We have 5 years use them wisely.

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