Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Virgin Heathcare, Alliance Medical, Medical Records and Tax Avoidance.

I live near Weybridge in Surrey, so when I damaged my shoulder I went to the Weybridge walk in center to get the incident logged on my records. I discovered while I was there that Weybrige NHS walk in center is run by Virgin Prime, basically the service is contracted out.

The problem is that there is no linking of records. So if you visit a contracted out NHS walk in center like the one in Weybridge.  You Doctor will not see any evidence on your records of you having been there.

I was advised to book an appointment with my Doctor so that my records could be updated. So about 1.5 hrs waiting at walk in center and over an hour trying to get a telephone consultation from a Doctor and of course thats efficient.

My main point so far is that due to fragmentation of services, rather than them being NHS, we now have fragmentation of our medical records.


It all sounds nice and, comfy and fluffy in Mr Bransons video above.

Interesting to note that Mr Bransons Virgin Healthcare hasnt paid tax in this country, yet. It probably never will as it borrows money, to fund itself, from another in his group set up in a tax haven. The money will then be paid back with hefty interest therby ensuring Virgin Healthcare will make little or no profit and also pay no corporation tax.

Ive also been for two MRI scans, both were in trucks outside Ashford hospital. Apparantly the hostpital no longer has scanners as they are too expensive to run. Er!... Well forgive me for being stupid but if an enterprise as large as the NHS cant get a decent deal to run and service MRI scanners how is a much smaller company like Alliance doing it. Those MRI scanners are not outside the hospital making a loss they are there making a profit for the private company. Once again our money is being syphoned off out of the NHS and into shareholders pockets under the guise of efficency and cost. Shocking!

Now would you be shocked to find that disgraced Tory MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind sits on the board of Alliance Medical? Strangely Alliance Medical was awarded the contract when the local NHS bid is understood to have been better value for money.  Read more here

Companies with links to Tories ‘have won £1.5bn worth of NHS contracts’  Well theres a supprise.

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