Sunday, 23 August 2015

The expected attacks are growing against Jeremy Corbyn but is there any truth?

35 to Corbyn 79 against Osbourne

We have 35 economists saying that Jeremy Corbyns policies are sensible and 79 that say George Osbourne's policies have no basis in economics.

All people can do including the other candidates is scaremonger and attack because they have no new policies of their own.  Corbyn's policies are backed by economists, whereas George Osborne's policies are slated by economists. Corbyn's policies are not the old socialist policies of the past as some would have you believe, they are progressive, which is why hes getting the backing of economists.

I guess that Margret Thatchers quote can be used as a positive for George Osbourne as well but ... Don't forget that George Osbourn's policies lost the UK its AAA rating. The effects of that will be that all the money the UK owes is costing the the UK more in interest. So all the austerity is going towards paying off that additional money owed.

The debt hasnt doubled but it has INCREASED by 50%, even with all of the austerity measures (More Here)

The Tories had 5 years, they didn't reduce the debt as promised, it has gone up. They have another 5 years, lets see how much they can increase the debt by at the end of this term. Their policies are not working, they are surviving on spin, lies and keeping the really rich and big companies happy.

Don't believe the spin and lies, its time for a change.

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