Thursday, 20 August 2015

Is the EU impotent regarding Tax Avoidance

Amazing isnt it EU MEPs are investigating big corporations tax avoidance schemes.  However the big corporations are not turning up.

Now why would that be?

The EU MEPs have no powers to make them come and explain themselves. Why would they? So who does have the power?

If an organisation has no power its impotent and therefore a waste of time.  Time for either the EU to be granted the power or sink into oblivion.

Below are some great links .......

"Amazon, Facebook and Google are among those who have been invited to a pow-wow with MEPs over their tax practices – but not all plan to show up."

Check out Disneys scheme

Disneys adventures in a tax wonderland


Follow Koch’s money

One part of Koch’s 26-step plan involves a $736 million loan that is passed from company to company until the American branch of a Luxembourg company becomes “both the debtor and creditor of the same debt, which is canceled at the level of the American branch.”

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