Monday, 20 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Next Labour Leader ... Well why Not? and maybe he can save the NHS

I agree with most, not all, of what Jeremy Corbyn says and 100% agree on Corporate tax evasion. He comes across refreshingly honest and principled. Could he make a difference, Im prepared to back him and find out.  What have we really got to lose.  Unless someone shakes things up the tories will have sold off the NHS without people realising it. (check here for more info on that)

Who's benefiting from privatisation? (Check here for more info on that)

Care UK, Circle, McKinsey, Serco and Virgin Care are all benefiting. You can read about them in the list of fishiest outsourcing firms at False Economy.

Please check out the links above its shocking that all this is going on and people are not aware of it, we are being decieved by the tories who say one thing and do another.

Jeremy Corbyn on his record and that of his rivals on the Iraq war, NHS privatisation, banks deregulation, and the future for Labour and possibly the country under his leadership. 


Sky News July 14 2015 Jeremy Corbyn On Welfare, IS, Greece & Labour

Jeremy Corbyn makes his pitch for Labour leadership - Newsnight


Jeremy Corbyn gives his argument that Socialism does work. 


Jeremy Corbyn MP on Britain in the World

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