Monday, 4 May 2015

Who can we trust with stopping big corporations raping Britain

"News reports this year (this was in 2013) claimed that almost half of Britain’s leading companies were failing to comply with the law by avoiding paying their taxes. Over 100 firms on the FTSE 350 index have now been accused of tax evasion, with many leading firms hiding profits offshore to avoid paying UK tax." 

And its still going on in 2015.... the tip of the iceburg

Six companies that avoid paying their taxes

The problem is even when these companies are found out, they are not fined and they are allowed to negotiate deals far less than what they actually owe.

Lets look at Starbucks

Starbucks agreed to pay £20m in corporation tax over the next two years.  Yet they made 380m?  Now im not great at maths but corporation tax is 20% (or should be) 20% of 380m is £76m.

So they really owed £76m, did a deal to pay £20m and pay it over 2years.

Did they pay any interest on that?  No.

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