Wednesday, 6 May 2015

George Osbourne's corporation tax give away.

I'm still not sure who to vote for but I do know now, it wont be conservative.

I had always believed that both Labour and Tories were complicit in allowing big corporations to get away with massive levels of tax avoidance schemes, but I have since discovered differently. Yes Labour dont come out with clean hands but what George Osbourne has done is almost criminal.

They also tried to mislead the public into believing that this had to be done or Companies would leave Britain, which was false. Lies annoy me even more than the money give away.

The NHS cost around 110 billion a year, George Osbourne has easily handed the big corporations that during his term in office.

Quote from Richard Brooks book "The Great Tax Robbery" page 192

"Nobody in the private sector could believe what they [the government] did, it was just so stupid"

I suggest you read the book but the link at the top explains a lot as well.  Its made it easier for me though .....

I wont be voting Conservative.

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