Sunday, 26 April 2015

Vote: The Parsnip Party we wont take the piss

OK I got bored reading the policies of all the major parties in the UK. Listening to the personal insults and mud slinging in debates is getting a joke. Someone please actually start dealing with answering questions.  At present the only question seems to be who came off best in trading insults, not who answered the questions best.  So the Parsnip Party has started drafting its own policies.  :-)

Party Draft Policies (a work in progress)

  1. Everyone including Companies is expected to pay tax on all money made in this country.
  2. If everyone pays their fair share we can reduce taxes slightly and increase services, but only if everyone pays their way.
  3. All those earning below 40k living in the UK will pay 18% tax.
  4. All companies will pay 18% tax on profits. It will not be acceptable to move profits abroad to avoid tax.
  5. All high earners will pay 30% tax. It will not be acceptable to move profits abroad to avoid tax.
  6. If you earn more than [limit still to be decided] you can not claim any form of support.
  7. Any company or individual that moves profit from this country to decrease tax bill will be fined retrospectively and pay a 2% tax increase the following year.
  8. Companies that receive research grants in this country will be expected to lodge the patents in this country.  It will not be acceptable to take money for research and then move patents and profits elsewhere to avoid paying the money back.
  9. Any companies not happy with this can leave the UK.  Your not paying into it so go.
  10. The millions saved from chasing these companies through the courts for billions in tax that is never retrieved will be used to set up similar businesses to those that leave. 
  11. These businesses will be staffed by people who lose their jobs in the unlikely event of companies actually withdrawing from UK.
  12. The profit from these businesses will go towards funding the NHS.
  13. Banks will be forced to hold their customers funds in a central holding point at the Bank of England. This will force banks to trade on the stock markets with their own money.
  14. As customers money will be safe, banks will be allowed to fail if they make bad decisions.  This will make Directors think a little more about the decisions they are making.  No bail outs will focus the mind.
  15. Banks can pay bonuses to workers that achieve profits but these will be taxed prior to being paid out.
  16. Banks cannot pay bonuses for failure.  No profit no bonus.
  17. If any of this cannot be achieved in EU then we will leave the EU.

  1. Britain has had immigrants for thousands of years its nothing new and actually immigration is good for a growing economy.
  2. However we will put into place an immigration policy similar to that of our Australian commonwealth member.  Only those who will be a positive benefit to society will be let in.
  3. Anyone working in this country must be able to speak basic English and a test will be put in place ensure this.
  4. If any of this cannot be achieved in EU then we will leave the EU.
  1. The money saved by stopping companies and high earners moving profits (which is billions) will go towards funding a better NHS.
  2. Businesses will be setup and funded, the sole purpose of the business and the workers will be to fund the NHS.
  3. Bureaucracy will be decreased within the NHS.
  4. A pay review will be carried out and pay increased where needed.
  5. Privatisation of the NHS will be stopped and reversed.
  6. Managers, specialists, doctors and nurses will be granted bonuses for achieving reductions in waiting lists and improvement in services.
  7. Anyone using the NHS must hold a British Passport and have paid NI for at least 5 years.
  8. We will fund research into natural remedies like cannabis, aloe etc.  All natural remedies that drug companies wont fund because they cant patent it will be researched and used where possible to reduce the millions spent on drugs that are possibly less effective.
  9. If any of this cannot be achieved in EU then we will leave the EU.

  1. People should be allowed to believe in whatever they wish as long as its not to the detriment of others.
  2. Religious laws will be banned.  The UK has its laws that have been put in place over hundreds of years.  They are the only laws that are allowed and this will be enforced, regardless of religion.

  1. Benefits will not be totally with drawn if someone takes a low paid jobBenefits payment will be adjusted so that recipient will be bringing in 20% more than just being on benefits.
  2. Apprenticeships will be promoted and part funded.

  1.  Places at university will be part funded with the opportunity for students to reduce their loan by achieving certain grades.



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