Thursday, 19 June 2014

His Daughter ~ Molly Kate Kestner ~ So what does it take to get 8 million + hits on your UTube video?

Well it helps if you can write a cracking emotional song. It will also help if you can sing it with incredible pathos and I do mean incredible.  So that's two boxes ticked for this 18 year old from Minnesota.

Some will say there are better singers, maybe, but its not all about how much vocal gymnastics, range or power you can put into a song, give me emotion any day and there's not many that can emote like Molly. 

There was another component that was a big factor in the songs incredible success, Star Trek ..... well not specifically Star Trek but the song went into hyperspace when  George Takei aka Sulu from Star Trek was forwarded the track and was taken by it so much he posted it on his Facebook page, with nearly 7 million followers.

The rest is now history, recorded on an old IPhone and on a piano which would obviously benefit from a good piano tuner, the track is incredibly raw and ... well stunning, listen to it yourself I'll be amazed if your not moved.  There are already cover versions but none come anywhere close to the emotion Molly puts into it. IMHO Even the studio version is not as emotionally stirring as the raw version. Ive posted some of the better cover versions at the bottom and more of Molly's songs below.    Most of the originals are stunning,  Enjoy :-)

Molly's facebook page is here.

Molly Kate Kestner the raw version

Molly Kate Kestner the studio version

Molly Kestner Extended Interview 
Posted May 2014

More of Molly Kate Kestner's journey

Girlfriend (Contest) ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Cover; Justin Bieber) 
Posted June 2012

All This Time (Pick-Me-Up Song) ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Cover; Maria Mena) 
Posted Sept 2012


The Way I Am ~ Molly Kate Kestner ft. John Michael Kestner (Cover; Ingrid Michaelson)
 Posted Oct 2012

Falling Apart ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Original)
Posted Jan 2013

Royals ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Cover; Lorde) 
Posted Oct 2013

No One Ever Told You ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Original) 
Posted March 2014

Winter Blues ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Original) 
Posted May 2014

Mom's Song ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Original) 
Posted May 2014



His Daughter - Molly Kate Kestner - Cover - Morgan Nichols

Kate Ashbrook- His Daughter -Molly Kate Kestner cover 



His Daughter- Molly Kate Kestner (Cover)- Sam Ducharme


"His Daughter" {Molly Kate Kestner} (Acoustic cover)- Marlee Risser


His Daughter by Molly Kate Kestner - Cover - Claudine Cruz

His Daughter - Charles S. (Cover; Molly Kate Kestner)




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