Friday, 8 November 2013

The Western Black Rhinoceros was declared extinct today, and in other news, humans suck.

Western Black Rhinoceros Declared Extinct

What will it take before we finally learn. We are mearly guardians of this presently beautiful planet and all apon it.

One day in the future humans will look back from the black stinking cesspit that they call earth and wonder why a race that thinks its so clever was actually so stupid.

What will the very last Rhino horn on the very last Rhino be worth?  What will the very last seal pelt be worth? What will the last can of oil be worth? What will the last puddle of  water be worth?

Here are some Synonyms for the word Guardian......
angel, attendant, baby-sitter, cerberus, champion, chaperon, chaperone, conservator, cop, curator, custodian, defender, escort, guard, keeper, nurse, overseer, paladin, patrol, preserver, safeguard, sentinel, shepherd, sitter, sponsor, superintendent, supervisor, trustee, vigilante, warden, watchdog.

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