Thursday, 28 March 2013

Boys of the Cloth A Unique Perspective on Sexual Abuse by Priests

"One issue the book does not address in any detail is the Church’s deplorable handling of cases of abuse. All too often, victims received too little sympathy and their abusers too much. All too often, mollycoddled molesters were given new access to young children, with predictable and tragic consequences. And all too often, the Church seemed intent on protecting itself and its priests, but not the young innocents who were being harmed."

I've posted this as I realized that when ever this subject comes up it seems to be dismissed or dies out pretty quickly.  It never seems to erupt into the scandle that it would if it were say schoolteachers or social workers.

My question is, why are priests that molest children never seen being dealt with by the courts?
My question is, why do people of religions faiths seem to turn a blind eye to this?
My question is, why are priests that molest children not thrown out of the church in disgrace?
My question is, why would you follow a religion that condones this?

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