Thursday, 21 February 2013

God Fearing People .... Really?

One of the things that really irritated me recently were certain comments I saw on facebook made by Americans claiming that the real reason people killed (shot) (mass murdered) people was because they weren't "God Fearing" or they had "Lost Jesus".

Well Im sorry but I don't need a God or Jesus to tell me whats right or wrong. Neither do I need them to keep me on the right path or do good deeds.

I find some of these so called religious nuts damn scary. I also find the comment on pages like this one on Facebook, somewhat scary also.

Oooh yes you've guessed it I don't believe in God and i'm somewhat doubtful that a person called Jesus as described in the bible actually existed.  But more on that in later blogs.


  1. A friend of mine posted a religious slogan on FB recently, it went “know God, know peace, no God no peace.” I usually bit my tongue when he posted these kind of things but a couple of his other friends laid into him along the lines of “how dare you imply that because you believe in God only you can know peace”, most evidence of course points the other way. Rather than say “oh sorry about that I didn't mean to offend anybody” and to be honest I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to, my friend launched into an attack on the person who had dared to be offended and the whole thing went down hill into the usual arguments about religion and my friend who made the original post vanished from FB.
    I suppose the more passionate about something we are the less likely we are to be able to understand another persons point of view, I don't know if that is prevalent with religious types as I don't know very many of them.
    I think my lesson from it is never get sucked into an argument about religion, because of the nature of religion it's an argument nobody can ever win, you may as well try catching smoke with your bare hands. Because it is really about nothing tangible the argument will only be “won” by the person who: shouts loudest, is more clever at arguing or in the worst cases has the biggest army.
    I suppose if there is a God we can only hope that He She or It is above such things.

  2. I certainly agree with its a no win argument as to whether God exits or not. But I don't agree that if you don't believe you have to keep quiet but its OK for those who do believe to say what they want. Don't get me wrong I haven't got a problem with anyone believing in whatever they want to but I don't see what the problem is in discussing or questioning that belief. Just as I haven't got a problem with someone questioning or discussing my non-belief. Lol I said to my Muslim friend that I'm not an atheist im a seeker of the truth. To that end I have read the bible, didn't find anything in there that made me feel like there was a God. I'm currently reading the Koran . I feel that there is something back in the mists of time that you get hints of in these books and other older manuscripts like the epic of Gilgamesh. But its not an omnipresent God that religion believes in. People shouldn't be offended just because someone poses questions about religion and if they are offended maybe they should question their faith. My intention is not to offend anyone but I will seek the truth. Thank you for commenting Opinionated :o)

  3. Yes you're right G,nobody should be allowed to insult others and use religion to make it OK, religion should not afford any extra privilege at all. It's just that any argument about the rights and wrongs of religion can be a waste of breath since one can only argue against it using logic and belief in religion requires the suspension of logic.
    My own view is that there may be a God there may not, one is as likely as another because we humans don't really know anything. Religion on the other hand has had more to do with people and power. Monarchs being crowned in cathedrals etc and being chosen by God, of course that's just my opinion the queen may well have been chosen by God.
    Unlike you I haven't researched this, it's just my view of things. I really do applaud your quest for truth and if you manage to find it please let me know.

  4. lol opinionated ... I in turn applaud your thinking and opinion :o)