Monday, 25 February 2013

Created by God? - If so who was God?

The great pyramid, built by Egyptians?

Personally im skeptical, the accuracy involved is just to great and the qty of stone too big.

Lets work out the time scale very simply.

2,000,000 blocks of stone in 20 years

Thats 100,000 per year = 1,923 per week

274 blocks per day = 11 per hour

That means that the ancient Egyptians were laying 2.75 very large blocks of stone every 15mins. That's working constantly 24hrs round the clock for 20 years ... REALLY??  Do we really agree that this is possible?

So if the Egyptians just took them over i.e they were already built.  Then who built them was it God? and who was God? Was the God that the Bible, Koran, Torah and any other religious book purport to, part of an ancient race from pre-history?
Did they leave us a message engineered into the ancient monuments warning us of  something? something that got interpreted as "judgement day" in the ancient scriptures?

This is an excellent movie which shows the mathematics involved and the feats of engineering accomplished supposedly by the ancients with just Bronze chisels and Deorite balls.

Its quite long but very interesting.

Let me know your opinion I'm very interested what other people think.


  1. The egyptians used Jinn's to help them build the pyramids as did Prophet Soloman who had command over the Jinn's.

    1. I shall investigate the alleged use of Jinn's Mohammed :o)