Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Mysterious chambers under the sphinx??

"A decade passed. Then geologist Robert Schoch got behind the water weathering theory. Working with our seismographs we discovered what appears to be a substantial cavity/void/chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx-- which matched one of the best known and glamorous of the Cayce prophecies. He predicted the 'Hall of Records' would be found there, containing a detailed history of 'Atlantis'. Following our presentation at the Geological Society of America's Annual Meeting in San Diego CA (1991) the Sphinx controversy was ignited internationally. At this point, it could no longer be ignored and Lehner, along with a number of his colleagues, attempted to rebut the theory. He contended that the current 'flaking' taking place on the Sphinx and its enclosure walls is sufficient to explain the weathering. The flaking is supposed to be produced by ground water leaching up by capillary action into the higher strata of the bedrock."

Robert Bauval

Graham Hancock


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