Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Diane Abbott portrait Meme True but Misleading

OK Totally agree MPs shouldn't waste tax payers money, but it wasn't just Abbott was it. Eh?

Lets deal with the whole story as this just looks like a clumsy UKIP attempt to bash one party after their liability of a leader Paul Nuttall shot himself in the foot over Hillsborough.... Bring back Nigel lol

Anyway the Evening Standard broke a story ...

MPs spend £250,000 of public money on vanity portraits

Basically since 1995 (over 20 years ago) money has been spent on portraits and statues of MPs of all political parties.

So lets break it down into a simplified list, here's a selection of the main ones.

  • John Bercow spent £22,000 on a painting and another £15,000 on a frame.
  • £11,750 portrait of former foreign secretary Margaret Beckett
  • Diane Abbott £11,750 
  • £10,000 portrait of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, 
  • £8,000 painting of Kenneth Clarke 
  • £4,000 oil painting of William Hague. 
  • Tony Benn £2,000
  • Dennis Skinner £2,180
  • Sir John Major bronze bust by Anne Curry, costing £6,000
  • Tony Blair cost unknown
  • Margaret Thatcher statue £11,750.
  • Charles Kennedy cost unknown
  • Betty Boothroyd has been feature three times, in a £1,500 portrait in 1997, an £8,000 portrait in 1999 and a £9,000 bronze bust in 2000
  • Lord Ashdown, £2,000
  • Sir Menzies Campbell £10,346.
  • Michael (now Lord) Howard painting which cost £9,400

I'm sure the money could have been better spent but to make it look like one party is to blame is an obvious poor attempt to get the focus of attention away from Nuttall's crass blunder. Actually blunder doesn't cover it, monumental crass fcuk up is better.

The truth is always better than fiction.

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