Friday, 5 August 2016

Eric is the Leader of the parsnip party but doesnt have the backing of his MPs

Eric is the Leader of the parsnip party with massive support from an ever growing membership but doesnt have the backing of his MPs

Lets get rid of names and Parties to take that out of the equasion and just look at the logic of whats going on.

So we have Eric of the Parsnip party who is able to draw thousands of new members to the Parsnip party, hes also able to get thousands to get out onto the streets to hear him talk more than any other politican, hes honest and principled and the lowest expenses claimer out of all MPs. Sound good so far?

Now people questioned Eric's policies but on the BBC’s “One Show”, people interviewed in Guildford High Street showed that they supported the majority of Erics policies when they didnt know who's policies they were and were shocked when they found out the were Eric's.

The problem with Eric is he has never been given the backing of his own Parsnip party MPs and consequently the opposition party "The Turnips" and their press, have had a field day. Rather than back him in Parliament the Parsnips have even stooped as low as jeering Eric along with the Turnips who basically act like a bunch of animals because they are given free reign by the Parsnips.

Through all this Eric has continued on with his #morehonestpolitics and his belief that the 300,000 plus members have a voice as well as the 171 MPs.

The MPs of the Parsnip party should support Eric regardless of whether they think hes a good leader or not and here's why.... Anyone that can draw that many members in and get that many people out of their houses to hear him speak should be let loose to do what he's good at. If hes not good at kicking ass in meetings then someone else does that. You have horses for courses. Hitler wasn't a good military planner, he was very lucky and had some brilliant generals who steered him in the right direction. But Hitler was brilliant at speeches and rousing the masses.

You have to have rocks in your head to try and get rid of someone like Eric. Given support like the Turnips give their leader, no matter what. Eric could enthuse thousands more to the Parsnip party and show millions that there is another way, other than the Turnips way.

Unfortunately common sense hasnt prevailed and against the wishes of local PLPs, certain MPs have had a vote of no confidence in Eric, despite it not being in the rules and 170 odd resigned. Now it should be noted that most of these Parsnip party MPs received fewer votes from the general public in the general election than Eric did in the leadership election and it also should be noted that its not clear whether these MPs are acting on their own or whether a small elite within the Parsnip party are pulling the strings?

Either way, if you ditch what you think about the political party and the person, and if you remember that despite all that, despite everything that has been thrown at Eric the membership of the Parsnip party has now grown to more than all other parties combined and no other leader in Britain gets as many people coming to hear them speak ....

You have to bang your head on a desk and think for fcuk sake catch the wave, run with it, what are you doing?

I have been unable to find the video of the BBC’s “One Show”, people interviewed in Guildford High Street.

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