Saturday, 2 July 2016

"Straight talking, Honest politics"

The PLP claim that Jeremy Corbyn should have done better in convincing the country to remain in the EU.

Lets keep it simple How Britain voted.

Conservative voters constituted just over three out of every ten remainers, and four in ten leavers.

Labour voters made up four in every ten remainers, and two in ten leavers.

Remain 42%  Leave 58%

Remain 63% Leave 37%

So Corbyn produced a better result than Cameron

Some of the PLP, ones that resigned could not even get their own constituents to vote remain, yet they blame Corbyn, WHY? 
They dont blame the Tories who engineered the vote, engineered the vote on the back of the biggest pack of lies ever seen.  How can anyone ever believe a word that Gove or any of the others say. How can we believe them when they report back from EU negotiations?

Now Im not getting into whether leave was best or remain would be better. Just focusing on what was said to create a vote one way or the other and which ever way you look at it, the leave campaign lied.

They say that Corbyn is weak and un-electable but for 9 months, we have seen one of the biggest media campaigns against a party leader ever. A campaign full of vitriol, misinformation and basically down right lies. WHY?
Just ask yourself that question WHY? Why would they go to all that trouble to try and vilify someone when that someone is weak and un-electable. It just doesn't make any sense, if he was that bad just leaving him alone and making no comment would have been better. He would have just faded away. Or is there something bigger going on?

Jeremy Corbyn promised supporters
"Straight talking, Honest politics"
And supporters, including me, bought into that joining up to the Labour party and electing Corbyn with the biggest mandate of a party leader ever. Yes Ever. He could have lost 30% of the vote and still won.
First round
CandidateParty membersRegistered supportersAffiliated supportersTotal
Votes %Votes %Votes %Votes %
Jeremy Corbyn Green tick121,75149.59%88,44983.76%41,21757.61%251,417
Andy Burnham55,69822.69%6,1605.83%18,60426.00%80,462
Yvette Cooper54,47022.18%8,4157.97%9,04312.64%71,928
Liz Kendall13,6015.54%2,5742.44%2,6823.75%18,857

They say hes not a leader, well leaders come in all shapes and sizes and ways of leadership. One thing Corbyn isn't is a dictator and you could hardly expect a back bencher to be the perfect leader in under a year, probably not even 2 years. However I certainly didn't vote for someone I thought could win a general election the next Month, it was always a long term plan. 2020 would have been about right if Corbyn had been given the backing he should have, but he never got the backing.

What I did vote for was an immediate change to the punch and Judy style politics and Corbyn delivered 100% on that.

With the result of the brexit vote, the Tories were in disarray. Cameron had resigned and Labour could have surged ahead in popularity. So seeing that the Tories were in the frying pan, the PLP decide not to turn the heat up. They reached down helped the Tories out of the frying pan and jumped into the fire themselves, pulling the Labour party in with them. Why?

It has to be one of the most ridiculous decisions and badly orchestrated coup attempts in British history. It was badly thought out, badly planned, mistimed, and worst of all against the wishes of over 200,000 members that voted Corbyn in.  No attempt was made to win supporters over.

As career politicians they know that you ignore the vote at your peril, well boy did they mess up big. Exactly what and who's ridiculously stupid advise were they following when they went ahead?

Even then they couldn't follow party rules and went the route they thought it would be most damaging to Corbyn. No concern for the Labour party what so ever, just get Corbyn out at any cost.

To be frank if they are capable of making such a ridiculous decision, do we really want them in the Labour party, I say no, let them leave, there's the door, close it on the way out.
The problem now is, this is about democracy, if the members let the PLP push Corbyn out against his and their wishes, then the Labour party is no longer a democratic party its a dictatorship.

I don't actually see a way out of this, effectively the PLP with their mismanaged coup attempt and total disregard for members wishes have basically destroyed the Labour party as we know it.
  1. If they push Corbyn out, thousands of members will leave the Labour party.
  2. If they convince him to stand down now, thousands of members will leave the Labour party.
  3. If they get someone to stand against him in a leadership contest, that person will, with a high probability fail, and noone has been very quick to come forward yet.
  4. If they managed to get someone to stand against him and that person won in a democratic election, then there is a chance that more would stay. But its unlikely that anyone can beat him in an election.
Basically they are now working on starving him out, hoping that support will dwindle. I still predict that thousands of members will leave the Labour party if they do this.

I've learnt through life that No-one is indispensable, its obvious that the PLP feel that they are and can disregard members wishes with impunity.  

We shall see which phoenix rises again. 

The best thing the PLP could do now is put up a challenger, get this out of the way and pull behind the leader whoever that is and do it now while the Tories are still in fighting.

Straight talking, honest politics

“I was elected leader of the Labour Party, and I’m very honoured to hold that position, because of the support of ordinary people across the country.
“They came together in a spirit of optimism. No personal abuse, no personal slanging matches, just serious political ideas to improve the lives of ordinary people in Britain.
“I stand for justice, I stand for human rights, I stand for real opportunity for everyone.”
                                                                                                        Jeremy Corbyn

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