Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Media coverage of the EU Referendum

Its been often used as a negative against Corbyn that he didn't do enough media appearances. However he was actually the top appearing Labour party member, maybe people shouldn't believe all the lies. Here are the facts.

Lets just compare his challengers for position as leader

7Jeremy Corbyn (Labour IN)1236.1%

30Angela Eagle (Labour IN)15.7%

Owen Smith ..... Nowhere to be seen.

So we have Corbyn on 123 appearances and Eagle on 15 and Smith on well nothing. Yet corbyn is lambasted for not doing enough?  I would agree that he didnt do as much as the Conservatives, but then they had staked everything on the referendum and Cameron had told the EU he could deliver an IN vote.

However appearances didnt equal result the in crowd made 1294 appearances and the out crowd 1092 .....

Maybe the out crowd told bigger fibs? :-)

Section 2: Stopwatch Balance

This section examines which individuals, organisations and institutions received most media coverage. Table 2.1 identifies the ten most prominent politicians for the entire sample period.

Table 2.1: Top thirty media appearances (6 May – 22 June)

PositionNameNumber of appearancesPercentage of items in which they appeared
1David Cameron (Conservative IN)49924.9%
2Boris Johnson (Conservative OUT)37918.9%
3George Osborne (Conservative IN)23011.5%
4Nigel Farage (UKIP OUT)1829.1%
5Michael Gove (Conservative OUT)1618.0%
6Ian Duncan Smith (Conservative OUT)1246.2%
7Jeremy Corbyn (Labour IN)1236.1%
8Priti Patel (Conservative OUT)653.2%
9Gordon Brown (Labour IN)522.6%
10John Major (Conservative IN)472.3%
11Jacob Rees-Mogg (Conservative OUT)351.7%
12=Chris Grayling (Conservative OUT)331.6%
12=Gisela Stuart (Labour OUT)331.6%
14=Theresa May (Conservative IN)291.4%
14=Donald Tusk (President European Council IN)291.4%
16Nicola Sturgeon (SNP IN)281.4%
17=Bernard Jenkin (Conservative OUT)241.2%
17=Sadiq Khan (Labour IN)241.2%
19Liam Fox (Conservative OUT)231.1%
20Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the EC IN)211.0%
21Alistair Darling (Labour IN)201.0%
22Alan Johnson (Labour IN)19.9%
23=Amber Rudd (Conservative IN)18.9%
23=Ed Balls (Labour IN)18.9%
25=Norman Lamont (Conservative OUT)17.8%
25=Harriet Harman (Labour IN)17.8%
26=Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany IN)16.8%
26=Sarah Wollaston (Conservative OUT then IN)16.8%
26=John McDonnell (Labour IN)16.8%
30Angela Eagle (Labour IN)15.7%

Key findings

  • Seven of the top ten people and half of all people in the top thirty are Conservative politicians. In all, they account for 73% of the total number of appearances in the top thirty.
  • The most frequently reported Labour politician was Jeremy Corbyn (7th). Only ten Labour politicians made the top thirty. They account for 15% of the total number of appearances in the top thirty.
  • Only two representatives from other UK political parties made the list: Nigel Farage (4th) and Nicola Sturgeon (16th).
  • No representative of the Liberal Democrats made the top thirty.
  • The top seven people are all men.
  • Nine of the thirty people are women, but only one woman (Priti Patel) made the top ten.
  • Only three non-UK based people made the list: Donald Tusk (=14th), Jean-Claude Juncker (20th) and Angela Merkel (=26th).
  • Pro-IN politicians in the top thirty commanded slightly more appearances than pro-OUT politicians (1176 to 1070)


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