Saturday, 23 April 2016

Use your vote, you can make a difference.

Approximately 15% of people eligible to vote, were not registered to vote in last election

34% of those registered to vote didn't vote.

Thats a total of 49% of people that could vote, not voting.

In 2015 
The Tories had 24% of the vote
Labour had 20% of the vote

Yet 49% didn't vote.

More people didn't vote than voted for both of the Main parties combined.

Some people would have you believe that Labour doesn't stand a chance, however if you look at the voting it was actually pretty close.

Unfortunately our first past the post election system paints a different picture.

But if 10% of those that didn't vote, voted. There could be a completely different picture.

Make the seats match the votes - Sign the petition

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