Saturday, 16 April 2016

Bernie Saunders closing speech

Go go Bernie ... With Saunders that side of the pond and Corbyn this side, we could end up with a much fairer world.

Is that so weird, so out of this world, that we could all consider helping each other. When someone has fallen down we reach down and give them a helping hand, what about that scares people?

That doesn't mean the wealthy have to give up their wealth, Inherited or worked for, just it'll be slightly less wealth, You wont even notice it. The super rich ... the 1% .... you wont even notice it. The corporations, the share holders you wont even notice it. But in your ivory towers you cannot even comprehend the difference it will make to the world.

Stop trying to control the world, the water, the people with your failed austerity, designed to keep people in their place.

The world is everyone's, the planet belongs to us all!

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