Sunday, 13 December 2015

Wasn't it a labour government that sent our brave soldiers to war in the first place and contributed massively to the current situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria?

It certainly was, although New Labour wasn’t Labour it was a shift towards Tory policies "Tory Lite". On paper there wasn’t much between them and at that point I personally gave up all interest and didn’t even vote for years. 
Hence it came down to voting for the leader that could spin the best and Blair … oh he was very good at that. It’s also why Margret Thatcher said that Blair and new Labour was her greatest achievement. You either have two parties the same and it doesn’t really matter who you vote for things will pretty much stay the same. Or you have a real opposition with different ideas and the public can make an actual choice.

Cameron is another Blair, very good at spin and belittling people at PMQ but substance? There ain’t much there. Osbourne, a chancellor with a history degree as a creditation for running the country’s finance, well what to say here. I would say go google “How many economics experts agree with George Osborne”. Osbourne’s problem is he’s treating the economics of a country like that of the finances of a household. 

SORRY GEORGE IT DON’T BE WORKING LIKE THAT. The two are not comparable. 

Then again type into google “How many economics experts agree with Jeremy Corbyn” now I’m not saying that Corbyn is 100% right on the economics angle. Far beit for me to go along with a whole myriad of economics experts who know far, far, more than me. 
Where he is 100% right, is what Osborne is currently doing is not working, (The deficit has doubled under Osbornes policies) and to suggest we need to be debating other way’s make 100% sense. Which is what Corbyn is suggesting. 

As for bombing Syria it makes no sense without troops on the ground, which they havnt got, another Tory lie. Its little more than trying to be part of the big stage with the few military assets Cameron has left (Due to their cuts) to move on the chessboard. Dont forget Cameron left the country without aircraft carrier support for over 10 years, probably longer as the F35 harrier replacement will probably not be ready in 2020. Think of the implications of that when the newspapers start bandying around whos a security risk to the country.

Strangely enough Labour actually ordered the VTOL version the F35b which the Tories cancelled in preference of the F35c. They have recently had to U turn on this, a decision Admiral West described as a "shambles".
"It is extraordinary, it does smack of total incompetence. I'm just utterly amazed," The Tories are currently trying to get out of the F35c contracts at whatever cost that will be.

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