Friday, 4 December 2015

Cameron blatantly bullied people, lets talk about that.

I don't agree with abuse of others just because they hold a different view or voted a different way, that is democracy.

Whilst much is being said about these unfortunate incidents, in fact the press is whipping itself into a feeding frenzy about bullying and threats, I would like to know what is being done about Cameron's comment when he bullied members on both sides of the house, prior to the debate and said that anyone not voting for it was a terrorist sympathiser.

I personally believe that this statement manipulated the vote at that point. He then further manipulated the vote by steadfastly refusing to apologise when asked on 12 different occasions by 12 different members of the house.

Many people may have voted differently was it not for the threat of being branded a terrorist sympathiser. That comment In my opinion is worse than any post vote abuse because it was intended to manipulate a very important vote and this should be brought to the front of the current discussion on abuse.

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