Monday, 9 November 2015

Did Jeremy Corbyn bow at the cenotaph

"While it sickened me, what the Sun actually announced today is that there is a rather good chance that Jeremy will one day be prime minister."

The fact is he did. Im not going to get into what is deemed a respectful bow and what isn't. I actually find it deplorable that anyone would use remembearance day for points scoring. Those that have, and continue to do so should be ashamed, for you are the dis-respectful ones.

Some may have noticed that the other night there was a demonstration in London where a Police car was set on fire. There were so many photographers around the car that the perpetrator (unknown) could only approach the car from one side to do the deed, bit strange? that many Photographers could all be at the right place at the right time? amazing intuition?

Fast forward to rememberance at the cenotaph. There was possibly one photographer that showed the same intuition and managed to get pictures of Jeremy Corbyn staying behind to applaud the veterans as they walked past. Set up? This video was obviously captured on a phone, so there were no TV cameras around, if your going to do a setup you get press and TV there.

Jeremy misses VIP reception. Stays to applaud veterans instead.
Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn came under the most intense scrutiny.In fact, as you can see in this video just sent to me, Jeremy skipped a 'VIP' reception and opted to applaud veterans on the parade.I hear that he then got the tube to Islington North to go to a service in his own constituency, a service which he goes to every year. Now that is showing real respect.
Posted by Clive Lewis MP on Monday, 9 November 2015

Where was our illustrious Prime Minister and his cronies?

Dave, George, Boris, Blair etc had all scurried of to a VIP dinner. Where no doubt you could find all the press.

Tories manipulating the voters, dont be manipulated.

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