Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#Piggate - Will Cameron look out for you ... Pigs might fly

I have been trying to follow Jeremy Corbyns lead and avoid personal attacks so whilst this is particularly difficult with regard to #piggate, snigger. We shall stick to facts that we know. If indeed they are facts rather than rumour and suposition and I have two questions based on the facts we know.

  1. How can the British people trust David Cameron, George Osbourne, Boris Johnson and the others to run the country effectivly and take into consideration those who are not quite so well off?
  2. A friend of mine mentioned this and its true. With all the rumour and secrets, there is no way of knowing what else lurks in Mr Camerons closet. Isnt he, seriously, quite a big security risk? and thats not tit for tat, people are converted into spys on the back of stuff like this.


So lets try and sort things out, ive tried to label some of the below taken from this article, with FACT, RUMOUR or OPINION or a combination of two.
  1. FACT ~ The allegations have been made by extremely well-connected Establishment figures, former Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lord (Michael) Ashcroft, and former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott, and the story is published in the Daily Mail, which makes this the highest possible tier of character assassination in British politics.
  2. FACT ~ When Cameron was at Oxford, he was a member of several secret societies of rich young men.
  3. RUMOUR ~ Among their known initiation rites, they are said to have to burn a £50 bill in front of a homeless person.
  4. FACT ~ Three prominent members of Cameron’s cabinet were members, whilst many others went on to run the banks that crashed the economy in 2008 and the media empires that protect them.
  5. OPINION ~ Burning money in front of a homeless person isn’t just intended to be a nasty prank, it serves to train a Bullingdon boy’s senses, to make other humans seem somehow less.
  6. RUMOUR ~ The MP who provided Lord Ashcroft with the details of the pig story attended one meeting of the expensive club but left in disgust because ‘it was all about despising poor people’.
  7. RUMOUR ~ The pig scandal that now has the world laughing at Cameron wasn’t from the Bullingdon Club but the Piers Gaverston, less well-known (until this week), but with a reputation for bizarre sexual rituals and initiation rites.
  8. RUMOUR & OPINION ~ Piers Gaverston was about sexual humiliation and the creation of shared secrets. Its structural function is as an agreement of mutually assured destruction between the rulers of tomorrow – I know your secret and you know mine, so let’s stay on the same side, yeah?
  9. FACT ~ This forms the basis of the parliamentary whipping system, where the Chief Whip of each respective party is expected to have an arsenal of dirt locked away in their office so that when the time comes, their party leader can ‘whip’ rebellious backbenchers with threats that sometimes include leaking that story about you that you really don’t want to be leaked. Why reveal someone’s dirty little secret when you can keep schtum about it and control them?
  10. FACT ~ Margaret Thatcher played in the elevation of certain members of her government and its allies. Recent allegations in the growing parliamentary child abuse scandal arose that Thatcher “turned a blind eye” to pedophiles that she promoted, including the provision of knighthoods to known serial child abusers Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. Her own Home Secretary, the now deceased Leon Brittan, is still being investigated.

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