Monday, 31 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn poses national security threat, says George Osborne

It doesnt get any better, even the Tories are now getting worried. After loads of them registering to vote JC in they now join the mud slinging, because they suddenly realise JC is galvanising people up and down the country, hes now a real threat.

 As for Prime Minister material ... you have to be kidding me.

So lets go back to this accusation, how can Osbourne, after decimating the Army, the Navy, the Airforce, leaving the UK without a carrier based defence and without planes to fly on them. How can he turn around and say that JC poses a national security threat?

Vernon Coaker, the shadow defence secretary, said: "Under David Cameron's government, morale in the armed forces has collapsed and is getting worse. Over a quarter of service personnel say they are dissatisfied with service life, and almost a third of all servicemen and women across the army, the Royal Navy and the RAF rate their morale low."

One could assume that he's only got the chancellors position because he's godfather to Camerons children, no qualifications to do the job (Ok a history degree) and he lost the country its AAA rating with his policies.

George Osborne has said safeguarding the rating was his “first benchmark” and a “measure of success”. He has also warned that a credit rating downgrade would be “humiliating” and that it is “absolutely essential” that Britain does not have one:

Are the majority of you better off for his policies ...NOPE.

Has the national debt gone down as promised ... NOPE. Its gone up by at least 50%

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